Friends of Cultural Anthropology is a non-profit organization, composed of former editors, officers and friends of the journal Cultural Anthropology (CA), that aims to raise money to support CA’s move to open access publishing.

Rather than relying solely upon Society for Cultural Anthropology (SCA) membership fees and support from the universities that host the journal’s editorial office, Friends of CA is exploring a range of new revenue streams to support the journal’s operations. Some of our ideas include:

  • Using crowd-funding platforms like Kickstarter to sponsor particular focused projects. For example, if CA were to undertake a substantial redevelopment of its website to improve the publishing capacities of the journal or if it were to develop new features (like this year’s Sound and Vision launch), crowd-funding could be an excellent way to raise revenues.
  • Bringing back the print edition of the journal with a recurrent subscription but at a higher price (perhaps $150 a year), which would allow subscribers to support CA’s open access transition while receiving a beautiful material object in return.
  • Applying for foundation grants to help support specific open access initiatives and to un-gate high quality scholarship.
  • Establishing an endowment. The OA experts SCA consulted unanimously advised that an endowment is by far the best way to stabilize CA’s financial situation for the future. Our idea is to set our sights beyond the members of SCA who are already supporting CA through their section memberships. We know there are many individuals out there who value their undergraduate or graduate training in anthropology and who would like to support innovative efforts to make our discipline’s research more widely available. We also know that open access speaks to the core values of many who care about freedom of information, not least in places like Silicon Valley.

Since OA is above all a cooperative venture, we welcome your help in contributing to this bold new experiment. Please write to us directly with comments or additional ideas: Anne Allison (, Dominic Boyer (, Charlie Piot (